Planning Your Vermont Skydiving Adventure

Plan your jump now

Booking your adventure couldn’t be easier. Our reservations system is set up to make it as easy as possible to skydive in Vermont, simply follow the steps below or call 802-379-7998.


When you’re ready to book, click below or any Book Now button and you’ll be directed to our secure, online reservations system.  Click on the date then time you’d like to jump.


Put in the number of jumpers you’re ready to reserve. Don’t worry, it’s easy to get friends to join in later. You’ll receive a confirmation email and group number you can forward to friends so they can join in.


After providing some basic information, select your jump type and add any photo and/or video package. This is not your last chance to get photos or video: you can add a package any time up until boarding the plane. Choose to pay the deposit or the full amount to streamline your experience on the day of your jump.


Read our terms and conditions, download and fill our a waiver so you spend a minimum amount of time in ground school.


We accept all major credit cards through our secure booking system.


That’s it, confirmation details will be sent to you and we’ll see you on jump day. You’ll also receive a group number you can share with friends to get them to join in.

Book your skydive in vermont