Learn to solo skydive in Vermont

Learn To Skydive

Can’t Stop Thinking About It

Just landed, blown away and can’t stop thinking about it. We understand: that’s what happened to us… We love skydiving and would love to share it with you so you can learn to skydive on your own.

At Green Mountain Skydiving we use a training method known as “Tandem Progression.” This method combines three tandem skydives with the Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) training method. The benefit of going this way is a more comfortable introduction to the sport. On each of your three tandem skydives, your instructor teaches you a little more and gives you a little more responsibility instead of forcing you to learn everything at once in preparation for your first solo jump. Once you complete your tandem skydives, you will transition to the Accelerated Free Fall method where you will wear your own parachute and jump alongside an instructor.

Learn to Skydive Course Contents

Online Ground School
Your introduction begins with the Online Ground School. This is a basic introduction that you can do at home or wherever you like. Once completed, fill out the Online Ground School Quiz and bring it with you when you come out to begin your training. This information will introduce you to many of the basis and provide a solid foundation for your training.

Training Tandems
Call or book online, but let us know you’re beginning our Skydive License Program. Bring your Online Ground School Quiz which we can review upon your arrival. On these training jumps, we will focus heavily on the parachute flight portion including flight patterns, wind direction, etc. During the skydive portion we will focus on altitude awareness and parachute deployment.

Ground School
Ground school is an opportunity to review what you learned on your initial tandem skydives as well as what you will need to know to do your first solo skydive. We will focus on safety procedures, parachute flight, equipment basics and other topics.

Accelerated Freefall Jumps
Congratulations: you get to jump out with your own parachute. Don’t worry, you will exit the aircraft with your instructor firmly holding onto you until your parachute opens. You will work on maintaining a stable body position and altitude awareness, the most important parts of Freefall. You will also learn how to establish a flight and landing pattern based on wind conditions and learn to land your parachute.

Coach Jumps and Solos
Once you’ve built confidence and shown that you can skydive on your own, you will graduate to coach jumps and solo skydives. Coach jumps teach you how to skydive with others and solo jumps give you a chance to practice what you’ve learned and focus on parachute flight. Once you have completed a total of 25 skydives and all portions of the A License Proficiency Card, you will have earned a USPA A-License allowing you to skydive pretty much all over the world.

Parachute Packing Class
This is where you’ll learn to pack a parachute, and ultimately jump your work. You will not only learn how to pack a parachute but learn the components of the parachute system and build confidence in the gear.

Additional Information
USPA membership is required $65 for a 1 year membership
Skydives may need to be repeated if learning objectives are not met on each skydive or student goes past the 30 day USPA currency requirement.
Weight Limit for AFF is 220 lbs

Pricing Plan

First Tandem
$249 per jump

Online Ground School
Take the Online Ground School
Take the online Ground School Quiz

Training Tandems
Complete 2 training tandems
$230 per jump

First Jump Course
4-6 hour ground school
$150 per person

AFF Jumps 4-8
$185 per jump

Coach Jumps
6 coach jumps
$110 per jump

Supervised Solo Jumps
11 solo Skydives
$60 per jump

Parachute Packing Class
Learn to pack a parachute
3-4 hours
$75 per person